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NM Association of Drug Court Professionals (NMADCP)

The New Mexico Association of Drug Court Professionals (NMADCP) is a non-profit organization of professionals involved in the development and implementation of treatment-oriented drug courts.

Organized in 1997, its members include up to 200 judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, treatment providers, law enforcement, researchers and community leaders. The NMADCP is served by a Board of Directors.

The New Mexico drug court field has grown to include 45 active drug courts. Like the drug court practitioners who created the organization, NMADCP is in a unique position to serve the field. Comprised of both practitioners, criminal justice and rehabilitative experts, NMADCP has the expertise and the ability to assist in the development of effective drug court programs.


Since its inception, NMADCP has provided important services and resources to the drug court field, including:

  • Annual Training Conferences
  • Regional Trainings
  • Advocacy on Behalf of Federal and State Drug Courts
  • Technical Assistance for Grant Writing and Other Resource Allocations
  • Media Advocacy
  • Legislative Support
  • Evaluation Monitoring

NMADCP will continue its efforts to serve the New Mexico drug court field and to inform and educate the state as to the importance and effectiveness of drug courts and other court-based intervention programs.


Drug Courts are an effective and cost-saving alternative to incarceration. The mission of the New Mexico Association of Drug Court Professionals is to promote and support best practices by providing technical assistance, training, education and resources for emerging and established drug courts.